Volunteers needed for ADPKD pediatric clinical trial

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You MAY be eligible to participate in this trial if you meet the following criteria (at a minimum):

  • Be male or female aged 4-17 years with a diagnosis of ADPKD
  • Have a family history and/or genetic confirmation of ADPKD
  • Have at least 10 renal cysts each of which measure at least 0.5 cm, confirmed upon magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) inspection; subjects under the age of 12 years must have at least 4 cysts that are at least 1 cm in size, confirmed by ultrasound
  • Be independent in toileting
  • Be able to swallow tablets

To learn more about this trial

Log on to www.clinicaltrials.gov (Clinical Trials.gov identifier number NCT02964273). Additional trial information and eligibility can be found here.


Taylor Cook:
+1 (919) 397-5305

Sarah Van Leeuwen:
+3102 03018 569

Date of Prep: June 2017 OPUK/0617/JIN/1325
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